Brainwashing Lab #1: Intense


Brainwashing Lab #1: Intense

by Princess Indigo

Welcome to the first of My Brainwashing Lab collections. This is a series of five short, intense mind fuck files. Orginally made as GIFs, I’ve converted them to video files with binaurals and My intoxicating sexy moans. These are devastatingly powerful creations to turn you into My helpless little puppet. Scorching hot pictures with rapid subliminal messages to melt your brain. Use with caution and in small doses.

Slaves, sissies, hypnosluts and submissive stroker boi’s also wanted for KIK sessions.

KIK ID: KinkyRedHeadTGirl

(These videos ontains rapid flashing images throughout. Do not drive or operate machinery, during or after these recordings. Avoid if you have any incompatible health issues, especially epilepsy and similar conditions.)


At My Feet – Erotic Hypnosis Video


At My Feet

by Princess Indigo

At My Feet is a powerfully sexy, day dreamy, brainwashing file. That will leave you totally mind fucked, mesmerized and even more addicted to your Princess. It is a loopable clip, complete with binaurals, and spirals. With lots of scorching hot pictures of Me in knee length platform boots and a super revealing V-dress.

Go fetch slave!

(Do not drive or operate machinery during or after this file. Avoid if you have any incompatible health problems.)