A Wicked History




I’m Princess Indigo, the flame haired transgender sex bomb. A slinky sensuous online T-girl Dominatrix. All it takes is one look at My picture and that’s it, you’ll find yourself infatuated with a Latex Pussycat.

Call Me Princess. Pure and simple. No other form of address is required or expected.   Kinky ,cruel, creative and irresistibly hot. Eccentric, nutty and extremely sweet. A sensual, seductive English fetish superstar!

You can buy My delicious erotic hypnosis and femdom video’s from Niteflirt, Clips4sale, iWantclips and Kinkbomb. I am always on the lookout for weak new souls to sink My claws into. I also offer intense yahoo sessions and training, as well as totally addictive hypnosis sessions.


My feline personality is friendly, playful, funny and extremely wicked. I repeatedly get told I’m very approachable. I’m incredibly experienced at getting under peoples skin and seducing them. Once I’ve got My hooks in you, I’m incredibly addictive. Most of all I love to tease. I love driving little slaves crazy with desire. Making you squirm and beg for more.


I am expert at Tease and Denial, Forced Feminization and most of all Erotic Hypnosis. I love to make you whimper and beg for My attention. Make your whole body tremble and shake. Set your slavish little heart on fire. Climb into your helpless little brain and consume you piece by piece.



I have more human toys than I could ever need to amuse Me so if you want to get My attention you’re going to have to earn it. Buy My clips, send Me giftcards and spoil Me as much as you can, if you want Me to even notice you.


I am very proud of being Trans and over the years I met hundreds of trans girls of all descriptions and have a huge number of sissy fans. I have a habit of totally enslaving sissies with only a few words. They melt like chocolate at a simple hello. I love feminizing slaves and bringing out their inner sissy slut!


I get a big sexy kick out of dominating people. I love turning you into My helpless little puppet until you fall asleep every night filled with dark erotic dreams of lust for Me.

I am a relentless tease and I love making you burn and ache for Me. Making you crawl and beg for My attention. When I’ve had a great yahoo session it’s makes Me all hot and bothered at night. I’ll often have a very intense orgasm lying in My bed knowing that I’ve just conquered someone effortlessly.

I want you think about that…



Interview With A Princess

How did you become a Mistress?

I started life as a submissive with penchant for Verbal Humiliation. I met a Domme who shared my interests in Art, Literature and History and very soon I was her slave. There was one particular day where we ran into each other and we were so engrossed in conversation that the world seemed to stop. We became so close we almost got married. She saw something in me I did not see in Myself and made Me her alpha sub, training Me as a Domme to supervise the other slaves. She changed the course of My destiny forever. Even though she is no longer in My life, she had a great influence on Me and if she is reading this I want her to know she is not forgotten.

What happened after that?

I went on to meet the effervescent Illustrator and Fetish superstar Veronica Vinyl. She was one of the first people I met when I adopted the moniker Princess Indigo. It was her that inspired Me to become a Fetish Illustrator and persue My kinky interests professionally. I also owe My on going Obsession with the Fae to Veronica. At the time she had two slaves, one of them being Lisa Doll and the four of us used to hang out together in a bawdy posse. When Veronica was busy, as she always is, I would be in charge of the other two. It was one of the happiest times in My entire history of being the Princess.

The fourth member of the quartet became very dear to Me and looked after Me when I had some very distressing personal news. She will always have a very special place in My heart because of it. This time was such a great inspiration to Me that I started writing a madcap science fiction novel based around the four of us. There was also a kinky California girl called Vikki who I also used to hang out with and we had some great kinky evenings together.

reclinecloseup2AA copy

Mica and Liynaa

One of My favourite memories is of a Stunning Serbian Mistress called Mica. She was also a Switch, who had obviously had some amazing adventures. I confess one day I threw Myself impetuously at her feet and told her I adored her. On another occassion when we were giving each other a Saucy cuddle goodbye I asked if she could do Me a favour, that the next time she had some ‘private Mica time’ would she say My name. She heartily agreed. When I saw her again she declared loudly in front of the whole room ‘Your name was shouted!’ both of us relishing the explanation of what she meant.

My submissive friend Liynaa used to come and keep Me company some evenings. She’d put a smile on My face by pretending to be a pussycat and making a great fuss of Me. We had a mutual love of Vampire roleplay and I would constantly tease her by asking her how her neck was today. Both of these dear friends sadly succumbed to cancer, they were very lovely people and it was a pleasure and a priviledge to have known them.


Lisa and the Princess

My dearest Fetish friend over all this time has been Lisa Doll, who’s Loyalty and Devotion has been without compare. Lisa is a former slave, when that came to an end we went on to become great friends. She is the Scottish Watson to My English Holmes. Literally the Bentley to My Rolls Royce. She has a Wicked sense of humour and a fearsome wit. She also has a great plethora of colourful Scottish expressions to draw on.

Lisa knows Me better than anyone else and has a list of My kinks that is four years long. Without Lisa I would not have continued being the Princess all this time and she is a huge part of My identity. We have watched each others back over the years and been through many trials and tribulations together. Lisa Doll is worth her weight in gold. The two of us also knew a very sexy girl called Silverfox. The three of us would have great fun flirting with each other and swapping kinky gossip.


Belinda Z and Tigress Melli

Belinda was a girl I met in a club several years ago, we started dancing with each other and clicked almost straight away. We dated for a short while, however when she met her future wife Tigress Melli it was obvious that the two of them were meant to be. Both of them are very saucy and feisty characters, with Belinda the most dominant of the three of us.

They both throw themselves whole heartedly into role play and you certainly know about it if Belinda is in charge. Its from knowing these two that I get my famous phobia of nurses, but that’s a different story entirely. They are both very dear friends and along with Lisa Doll have looked after this kinky English Princess over the past few years. These three people have proved their worth to Me time and time again. I wouldnt be the Princess you see today without them.


How Did You Get Into Kink?

I think the thing that started me off in my adolescence was Julie Newmar in the Batman tv series. There’s one story where Batman is given a drug that makes him fall under her spell, I thought that was so hot! lol There’s also an episode where Carolyn Jones (Morticia in the Addams Family) takes Comissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara prisoner. She somehow makes them obsessed with her and keeps them in cages. I dont think I was ever the same after that!

I obviously have a big Catwoman obsession and am a huge fan of Batman Returns. I love both sides of Michelle Pfieffer’s depiction of Selina Kyle. There’s a scene where her and Mr Wayne run into each other in the street and he says ‘You have kind of a dark side, dont you?’ and she replies ‘No darker than yours Bruce.’ Around the same time as the film came out I saw a magazine from the old Dressing For Pleasure stable of magazines, featuring the model Vikki Lee dressed from head to foot in rubber.

Later that afternoon I gave into temptation and went back and bought the magazine. My love affair with kink and all things shiny has never really stopped since then. I started buying the initial run of Cruella magazines featuring the likes of Lucy Gresty, Louise Hodges, Vida Garman and Lynda Leigh. I was very attracted to these dominant women and the scenarios depicted. At the same time began to grow the feeling that I also wanted to be them.


Dressing Up

A rubber catsuit, platform boots and a whip are quintessential Princess Indigo. I completely adore latex and built up heels. Putting on My first pair of platform boots was like having sex, it felt so fucking good. Dress Me from head to foot in rubber and I’ll be a very happy girl. Anything black and shiny with a riding crop close at hand that’s Me all over.

How Do You Describe Yourself as a Domme?

Well My greatest female role model is Samantha from Bewitched. She’s very sweet and giddy, but you’d never want to mess with her. My default personality on twitter is similarly sweet and nutty. I love to goof around and have a laugh with friends, however its not really a reflection of what I’m like in session.

I identify alot with the second woman to play Romana in Doctor Who, the actress Lalla Ward. All My favourite actresses have been sensual and sexy but have also been very earthy and full of humour. Be it Lauren Bacall, Julie Newmar, Diana Rigg or Michelle Pfieffer. Watch Michelle Pfieffer at the end of Wolf and that is my demeanor in sessions. Cool classy, powerful and wild.

februaryblue3aCCaaaAAA copy

My favourite session with a slave was a tease and denial game that lasted about three and half hours. At the end of it the slave in question said her mind had gone shortly before having an explosive orgasm. I wont name names but she know’s who she is. That was definitely the best session of My career. I love being able to do that to someone, rock their world.

In My private life I own a very devoted female hypno-sub, I have seduced, conquered and enslaved her. It brings Me a great deal of personal satisfacton to make her tremble with pleasure at the slightest word from Me.



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  3. Domina-Dragon · May 21, 2014

    Absolutely stunning, as always. Xoxox

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