Princess Indigo



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  2. Dale · March 8, 2014

    Hello Princess Indigo
    This is Dale from inraptured
    Thank you for the start and how I should continue.
    I completely understand everything about hypnosis and what it takes . As in time and the cost to you.
    I am very willing to do this and as I start all I want to do is continue to where I am enslaved. By you completely.
    This is possible?

    Thanl you

    • theprincessindigo · March 9, 2014

      What an eager little puppet you are. I am pleased you took the time to study my site carefully. I will be in touch with you soon. I know the wait will drive you crazy. In the meantime watch your spiral once a day and then kneel before my pictures and think of Me…

  3. crimsontempestshadows · September 16, 2014

    Greetings, Princess Indigo. I just read one of your stories “A Night To Remember” and loved it. As a submissive, I really put myself in the story, it took me to a dark and painful place. I thought it was really well written and I can definitely see myself reading it again, a lot. The artwork really set the tone too, it went well with everything. I imagine myself as the man being tortured and humiliated. I’d like to kneel before you, Princess Indigo, on my pathetic hands and knees and become a slave to you. I’m into writing stories myself, maybe I can write some where I’m serving you, I hope it’s okay to email you, Princess Indigo.

    Crimson T Shadows.

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